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Please, select "Enter as Hero" if you own a Cyberwest Hero NFT. You will be asked to connect your Metamask for verification. Otherwise, please select "Enter as guest".


Heroes are in search of a new world to colonize as their planet stands on the brink of extinction due to obsoletion. An immense spacecraft belonging to the heroes is deployed for the purpose of seeking potentially habitable planets. However, the spacecraft’s flawed navigation system steers the expedition to a mysterious world known as Cyberwest. As they approach it to investigate, solar radiation waves disrupt the electronics. The spacecraft is pulled in by the tremendous gravitational forces of the surface, forcing the Cyber West heroes to eject and evacuate. Now, the survivors, having little equipment available, are tasked with starting the grand effort of colonization and eventually discovering what this mysterious world has in store…

- Cyberwest

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Phase 01

• Cyberwest story

• Social profiles

• Set up Discord server

• Cyberwest website

• Initiate Cyberwest Heroes and metaverse development

Phase 02

• Discord Collaborations

• Twitter Collaborations

• NFT & MATIC giveaways

• Host an invite competition

Phase 03

• Sneak peeks of Cyberwest Heroes

• Sneak peeks of the Cyberwest Expo

• Sneak peeks of the Cyberwest Craze Maze

• Sneak peeks of the Cyberwest Death Run

• Huge collaborations & promotions

• Finish developing the Cyberwest Heroes

Phase 04

• Cyberwest Heroes NFT collection launch

• Sneak peeks of the Cyberwest Parkour

• Twitter raids

• Host invite & activity competitions

Phase 05

• ETH giveaway

• NFTs giveaway

Phase 06

Cyberwest Heroes NFT collection reveal

Register Cyberwest Heroes on rarity platforms

Cyberwest Heroes will act as your key into the Cyberwest metaverse

Cyberwest Metaverse is live with 4 main locations available (new locations will be added on a regular basis: one new location per month)

Phase 07

• Create Cyberwest community fund

• 50% of the royalties will be allocated to the Cyberwest community fund

• Cyberwest Heroes collection Holders decide where community fund is spent

Phase 08

• $CWEST token creation & staking dapp

• Announce $CWEST token utilities

• Staking available for Cyberwest Heroes allowing holders to earn $CWEST

• Initiate Cyberwest Lands NFT collection developmente community fund is spent

Phase 09

• Cyberwest metaverse expansion: new locations added to Cyberwest

• Cyberwest Lands NFT collection sneak peeks

• Whitelist spots giveaways for Lands exclusive to Cyberwest Heroes holders

• Cyberwest Lands NFT collection release

Phase 10

• Cyberwest virtual NFT marketplace release

• More phases will be announced at a later stage


Frequently asked questions have been listed on the right.

Feel free to contact us on or through our socials for further questions!

What is Cyberwest?

Cyberwest is a mysterious place where you can connect with people from all over the world, hang out with them, see their NFT collections as well as display your own, play the Cyberwest games, and explore the Cyberwest lands.

When is the official launch date?

The launch date of the Cyberwest Heroes NFT collection is Decemeber 6th.

Which blockchain will be used?

The Cyberwest Heroes NFT collection will live on the Polygon blockchain.

How and where to purchase?

Cyberwest Heroes will be directly purchasable from supported marketplaces for offers at $15 in Matic.

What are the benefits of owning a Cyberwest Hero NFT?

1. Your Cyberwest Hero NFT will act as your key into the Cyberwest metaverse, and the Cyberwest metaverse opens a plethora of opportunities for you, from connecting and hanging out with people to playing the Cyberwest games, from viewing NFT collections of other people to displaying your own, and many more!

2. Your Cyberwest Hero NFT will give you access to a global community of NFT enthusiasts, investors, crypto traders, developers, gamers, and artists.

3. Your Cyberwest Hero NFT will give you exclusive access to the Cyberwest giveaways.

4. Your Cyberwest Hero NFT will give you the right to vote to decide how the community fund is spent.

5. Your Cyberwest Hero NFT will be stakable, and by staking it you will earn $CWEST token which will be fully tradable and will have other utilities as well.

For more utilities, join our Discord.

What about the Cyberwest Lands collection?

The Cyberwest Lands collection development will start after the laucnh of the Cyberwest Heroes NFT collection. The launch date for the Cyberwest Lands collection as well as the mint price and other important information will be announced after the launch of the Cyberwest Heroes collection.

Future plans?

Cyberwest metaverse expansion, new collaborations, and much more.

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